Experience, Quality and Innovation in Line and Connection Technology.

Welcome to VOSS

VOSS has the solutions for your SCR system founded on several years of experience manufacturing DEF tube assemblies installed on over 250,000 trucks, buses and passenger cars worldwide.

More manufacturers recognize the VOSS SCR concept and have nominated VOSS as the serial supplier for U.S. EPA 2010. Many North American truck, construction and agricultural OEM's have released the SCR lines for their upcoming vehicle and engine generations. They rely on the approved development partnership, the personal support and the outstanding product performance of VOSS. Learn More >>


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Trade Fair Dates

Meet with us at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville Kentucky, March 26-28, 2015.
Booth 40464, North Wing Lobby

Contact Robert Short, VOSS Sales, to coordinate meetings with the team.
(260) 399-8476

Recent News

February 2015
VOSS Automotive, Inc. Receives Prestigious DIAMOND SUPPLIER Award

December 2014
VOSS Automotive, Inc. Receives DTNA Masters of Quality Award

November 2014
North American Headquarters Open for Business

September 2014
VOSS Automotive, Inc. has relocated

January 2013
Green light for the production of SCR lines in Mexico

January 2013
Development success for high-temperature resistant SCR lines



Contact VOSS

Main Line:
(260) 373-2277

(260) 969-4423
(260) 446-3138

4640 Hillegas Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46818
Fax: (260) 373-2299