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VOSS Automotive stands for experience, quality and innovation in line and connection technology for intelligent fluid management systems

VOSS Automotive Inc.

VOSS Automotive offers an extensive portfolio of efficient system solutions for the international commercial vehicle and passenger car industry as well as for off-road vehicle and engine construction.

In close collaboration with customers, VOSS designs and optimizes its line and connection technology in the vehicle systems of tomorrow. VOSS utilizes components that have proven their effectiveness and develops new products, methods and processes for individual system designs.

VOSS is recognized for its rapid solutions and groundbreaking innovations while shaping state-of-the-art technology in central vehicle systems – ensuring value, speed and flexibility are top priorities.

Upcoming Trade Shows

AMC Engineering Conference
Waterloo, IA
April 19 - 21

Contact Mike Fisher to coordinate meetings with the team
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ACT Expo
Long Beach, CA
May 2 - 5
Contact Frank-Michael Rebhan to coordinate meetings
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Schedule an On-Site Visit

If you would like an on-site technical review of our products and capabilities in custom line routing, talk to us about Tech Days