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Hydraulic Connections

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Hose Fittings

Hydraulic systems are only as efficient as each individual component. That is why VOSS Fluid places the highest demands on the quality of its hose fittings. With regard to leak and installation proofing as well as versatility and durability. The synergy between VOSS Fluid hose fittings and other VOSS coupling systems guarantees the right fit for any application.


  • Precision-engineered solutions made from decades of expertise and know-how
  • Transfer of experience values from tube couplings to hose fittings
  • Perfect alignment between fittings and couplings
  • Highest leak-proofing thanks to standardization of system components
  • Efficient installation reliability thanks to consistent installation criteria
  • Standard durability thanks to maximum corrosion-protection with a zinc-nickel base
  • Versatility with multi-variant product solutions
  • Permanent product availability thanks to a global network of authorized dealers
  • Logistics and purchasing advantages because everything comes from a single source

Please visit our VOSS Fluid website for more information on VOSS hydraulic solutions. VOSS Fluid is a division of VOSS Group and offers a comprehensive range of hydraulic components and to ready-to-install lines.