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Electrically actuated valve

Electrically Actuated


  • Precise flow and temperature control
  • On-demand splitting/mixing of multiple flows in complex thermal circuits
  • Depending on the application, optimization of the valve characteristics
  • Modular design concept for customer-specific requirements
  • Easy integration into function integrated system solutions
  • Continuous position monitoring
  • Minimal power supply during standstill
  • Low pressure drop
  • Switching or proportional mixing function possible
  • Adjustment times individually configurable
  • Large selection of actuators and operating principles for different applications
  • Customer-specific communication protocols (LIN, CAN, ...)
  • Minimal leakage flows (down to < 0.05 l/min depending on valve type)
  • Temperature range -40°C to +140°C (depending on material, medium and sealing)
  • Max. operating pressure 3.5 bar (depending on material, medium and sealing)


  • Cooling water


  • Nylon or Plastic

Customized Valve Technology