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Bild076 Lok 40


Hydraulic tube connections with the highest quality standards - that is what we are known for around the world. So that is why it is important to us to continuously improve our solutions. Our development engineers have been moving away from cutting ring systems and toward forming systems in hydraulics for years. A seal and holding contour is formed on the tube end with the VOSS Lok 40 forming machine, which exhibits maximum leak-safety - even under demanding conditions - for instance when used in hydrogen and CNG-applications. The result: VOSS Lok 40 – our innovative and cost-effective tube forming solution.

The VOSS Lok 40 tube contour - The 40° tube contour is formed at the end of the tube with the VOSS Lok 40 forming machine. The material on the tube surface is compressed and smoothed on the sealing radius by the mechanical forming process. This eliminates surface defects on the tube and achieves maximum impermeability.

The VOSS Lok 40 coupling system - Screw sockets and tube contours are aligned with each other in such a way as to achieve highest pressing of sealing surfaces and thereby an optimum seal of the only possible leak path.