All Multi-Connections


Bild057 Multi connector plate for pneumatics

Air Brake and Auxilaries

Above all, the VOSS multi-connection technology focuses on economy and safety. All multi-connections are designed to simplify assembly, reduce errors and drastically reduce assembly time. This is guaranteed for all VOSS multi-connections:

  • Simplified handling and cost savings as a result of fewer assembly steps
  • Simultaneous connection of several lines to module interfaces using one quick connect process
  • Connectors and connecting plate fixed without the need for an additional retaining or safety clip
  • Use of molded connectors possible
  • Plate shapes and hole patterns provide reliable guidance for the mounting of multi-connector plates
  • If connecting points are mismatched during pre-assembly, these may be changed without disassembling the tube and fitting
  • Optimal sealing and dirt protection, systems with one or two O-rings