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VOSS Heat Exchanger Demo at Conference in Würzburg, Germany

Posted 10/15/2021

The latest edition of the Cooling Days technical conference took place from October 12 to 13 at the Vogel Convention Center in Würzburg, Germany. The conference once again offered a wide range of interesting presentations and technology trends on the subject of electronics cooling & thermal management.

On the first day, the focus was on the theoretical fundamentals of electronics cooling. Four lectures on basics, physics and simulation for efficient thermal management formed the highlight. The latest technology trends and best practices were presented in ten very practical short lectures on the second day.

As part of this series of short presentations, VOSS Automotive in the person of Christoph Englert, Project Manager Pre-Development, also spoke on the topic of "Fluid Electronics Cooling for Automotive Applications". The focus of his work was the VOSS heat exchanger, which was developed as part of an innovation project. This enables efficient thermal management of electronic components through compact design, high specific cooling performance and low pressure losses. Another advantage is its mechanical robustness. One possible application of the heat exchanger was demonstrated by Christoph Englert using a cup holder tempered with a Peltier element. However, due to the scalability of the heat exchanger, other applications are also conceivable, such as the cooling of high-performance processors or other electronic components.

VOSS was able to convince the almost 150 participants and exhibitors with this topic, so that the first promising discussions could already be held afterwards. Christoph Englert is looking forward to further intensive exchange with potential interested parties and is available at any time for any queries on the topic of "VOSS heat exchanger".

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