For many applications where the principle requirement is higher pressure resistance combined with reliability, economy and ease of handling, tube fittings remain suitable solutions.

Innovative VOSS fittings also have their uses in line and connection systems for new technologies such as fuel cells or in reduced emissions fuel systems.

Cutting ring fittings

Tube fittings for pneumatic units and hydraulic systems in commercial vehicles

  • Proven VOSS 2S cutting rings for metal and nylon tubes
  • Comprehensive accessories
  • Series L to tube-OD 18mm (.71&quo;) L 22-42mm (.94“ - 1.65&quo;) LL and S

Conical nipple fittings

When high loads must be accommodated as a result of pressure shocks, oscillations or reversed bending moments, VOSS 24° conical connections have proven advantages.

In conjunction with VOSS cutting ring fittings, they form a coordinated fittings range in the L and S series.

For connecting poly-amide tubes, fir-tree insert connectors made of brass are available.

Fitting 225 BV

Fitting for aluminum tubes (coated or uncoated) and for connecting aluminum tubes to other components

  • No measurable permeation, therefore especially suitable for lines in reduced emissions fuel systems
  • Extra low overall height
  • A wide range of uses, including special areas such as fuel cell technology, hydrogen propulsion and CO2 air-conditioning technology

Please contact us if you would like further information about VOSS 225 BV fitting.