Fuel Cell Technology
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Fuel Cell Technology

We’re advancing in fuel cell technology, creating a cleaner and more efficient way to power the automotive future. Thanks to this technology, we can combine hydrogen and oxygen to power electric motors, which means less greenhouse gas emissions, reduced oil dependence and fewer air pollutants.

And our innovative solutions ensure the tightness, reliability and durability that hydrogen requires. Our form-bent pre-assembled lines can be completely customized to fuel cell systems, and our tubes are made of materials that have low permeation rates, electro-conductive inner layers and resistance to de-ionized water and hydrogen.

Additionally, our quick connectors enhance the assembly and installation process because of their minimal connecting profile and flexible pivot-mount. Their economical design reduces the number of single components, eliminates the need for assembly tools, and cuts assembly time costs while safeguarding against leaks.


Description Examples
Lines for fuel cells

Lines for fuel cells
Quick connect system 246 DS

Quick connect system 246 DS
Quick connect systems 246 NX –
electrically heated

Quick connect systems 246 NX – electrically heated

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