Environmental Policies
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Environmental Policies

The business management boards of the VOSS Group view environmental protection as an important component of managing a business and as a foundation for long term business success.

  • Employees at all levels of the business are included in efforts to protect the environment and in the ongoing reduction of environmental pollution; and their environmental awareness is encouraged by training sessions and other activities.
  • For new developments (products and processes), we evaluate their effects on the environment with the aim of causing the least possible burden to the environment.
  • The effects of our activities on the local environment are regularly supervised and evaluated.
  • If environmental pollution cannot be avoided then it is a part of the declared goals of the business to reduce the emissions related to this by measures for constant improvement.
  • Established procedures and specifications regulate the decisive technical and organizational processes in the business as a way of implementing this policy.
  • We constantly ascertain and evaluate the existing requirements for environmental protection in close cooperation with the authorities and our customers. This forms the basis for our activities in the constant reduction of existing environmental pollution and in the adherence to legal guidelines.
  • Information about the current status of our environment related performances is available at all times to the public, as well as to all interested persons and organizations.

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